Change it Psychology

We are Auckland psychologists who focus on change. We help you change habits, beliefs, perspectives and behaviour that is not serving you.  We help you identify patterns that are causing problems in your life.  Change begins with noticing patterns, understanding where they came from and how they were originally generally helpful. We then work towards new ways of being.

We offer individual and couple sessions, a non-judgemental environment, and a central Auckland location.

Counselling by Auckland psychologists

Counselling is a broad term to describe many different forms of talking therapy. At Change it Psychology we specialize in increasing happiness and confidence through proven scientific tools such as mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), positive psychology, neuroscience and attachment research.

If you are experiencing anxiety, stress, low mood, depression, low self esteem, eating issues, or problems in your relationships, our registered clinical psychologists will work with you to help you understand what could be causing and maintaining your difficulties and offer new ways of approaching these issues.  Ultimately we know that people not only want help to get out of a hole but also to not fall in again!

Change it psychologists use proven scientific methods. Insight, new skills and a deeper understanding of yourself and others will result as you continue thinking and practicing what we talk about.

For fastest handling of your query,  email us or use the online form and we will respond within one working day.  We look forward to working with you!


If you are experiencing stress or anxiety – including feeling worried, on edge, a sense that you can’t let things go, wishing you had an “off” switch, we can help you gain a different perspective.

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If you are experiencing low mood or depression – including a sense that everything is too much, and you have lots of negative thoughts, you’ll be relieved to hear that depression is generally very treatable.

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Emotional Eating

If you are experiencing concern about your weight or eating patterns – feeling like you sabotage yourself or struggle with emotional eating, we can help you break the habits that are holding you back.

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Relationships/Couple work

If you are experiencing concern about your relationship, we can help you and your partner come to new understandings, and change entrenched patterns that are causing dissatisfaction.

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